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'Capture the Learning Animal Farm' (2018) 
made by John Loftus (13:07)
A documentary looking at the process of putting a summer theatre show together (Animal Farm) by teenagers in Waterford Youth Arts.
The Club - 30 Years On' (2016)
made by Neil O’Driscoll and Anthony Mackey (29:51)
A documentary looking back on a drop-in centre in Manor St. John made for Waterford Youth Arts

'Park Rhythms' (2011) 
made by Trish Murphy and WYD moves dancers (4:54)
A dance film by 30 young Waterford dancers in the Peoples park
Battered Cod (2007)
made by Libby Seward and Ken Coleman (10:37)

A short film made by choreographer Libby Seward and Ken Coleman for Waterford Youth Arts. It explores the demise of the fishing industry through an unusual combination of dance, documentary, music and poetry. Mostly shot in Dunmore East with also footage from Newfoundland, Canada.

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