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In this new film by Waterford Youth Arts filmmaker Neil O'Driscoll and artist Anthony Mackey take a journey back to the mid '80's with ex-members of a Drop-In Centre for young unemployed which was based out in the Manor St. John Youth Project, Lisduggan, Waterford. At that time there was over 300 young people registered in the Club and all were aged from 16 years to 20 years and they dipped in and out of the Club depending on their circumstances at the time.

The film was made by joint directors Anthony Mackey and Neil O'Driscoll. Anthony is from the St. Pauls area and is an artist and this is his first film project. Neil on the other hand is an experienced filmmaker particularly in film drama and his first feature length film 'Waking the Witch' is due out later in 2017.

The project came about when Ollie Breslin who worked at the Manor during those early years brought down from his attic a collection of photos taken by the young people back in the mid-80's and captured Waterford through the eyes of the young people at that time. The photos led to discussions about where all those young people are now and this led to making this film. It is funded through the Social Inclusion grant of Waterford Council. 


The camera/drone swooped in over Waterford and travelled up and down the roads and streets of Lisduggan, hovering over the Manor St John building. This was the beginning of a powerful social documentary The Club - 30 Years On.  - Liam Murphy Arts Review, Aug. 2017, Munster Express

The Club - 30 Years On

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