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The Machine (2020)

Made by Liam Meagher for The Brothers of Charity Waterford and Waterford Youth Arts and devised by twenty service users who were the cast of the production. With the film being made with the use of greenscreen technology. (12:47)

WHAT A CALAMITY!!! The most extraordinary invention in the history of the world has fallen into the wrong hands!!! Who can stop Dr. Evil Knieval and his many minions??? Did somebody say SUPERHEROS???


This very imaginative film script The Machine works as a comic book style involving new superheroes and baddies against a back drop of a fantastic new machine that can change humans into anything they have dreamed of. The Machine was filmed by Keith Currams and edited by John Loftus.

Who Cares! (2019)
This film is supported by Waterford City and County Council’s Screenwriter and Producer’s Grant the film was Directed by Liam Meagher, Filmed by John Loftus, Written by Ollie Breslin and produced by Éadaoin Breathnach.

‘Who Cares?’ about the young carers in our families, in our housing estates, in our classrooms? How do they survive, make ends meet and get by? When the caring role is reversed – 15 year old Lisa must hold everything together otherwise she could lose her mum and her brother.

‘Who Cares’ is a short drama about two children who must care for their mother and themselves. Set in a working class community it looks at the stress and survival instincts of two young people who must cope with whatever is thrown at them.

Shot on location in St. Johns Park and starring Linda Gough, Jim Meagher, Mickey Power, Abi McCormick and Matthew Fitzpatrick.

Some Enchanted Evening (2018)
Made by Enda Moran for Brothers of Charity Waterford and Waterford Youth Arts (16:57)

Some Enchanted Evening is the third short film created by Waterford Youth Arts and the Brothers of Charity. This film was directed by Enda Moran and Written by Ollie Breslin and featuring the singing of Bim Connors.
Behind The Scenes of Some Enchanted Evening


A behind the scenes look at Some Enchanted Evening, directed by Stephen Stubbs.

In Your Dreams Boy (2017)
Made by Donal Gallagher for Brothers of Charity Waterford and Waterford Youth Arts (18:33)


Shot in Waterford and Tramore and explores first dates and the dream of love for people with and without Intellectual disability.

After I've Gone (2011)
Made by Jenni Grangel for Brothers of Charity Waterford and Waterford Youth Arts (16:19)

A very strong story about dealing with the death of a mother for two sons, one who has intellectual disability.

Nun More Deadly (2005)
Made by David O’Sullivan for Waterford Youth Arts (14:32)

A prize winning film noir detective movie set in Waterford City was the result of an international script competition by Imagine Arts Festival when they discovered that the famous 'hard-boiled' crime-writer Raymond Chandler had a close connection with the city. The winning script was by Rodney Lee.

8 Teens (2002)
Devised with group of young people (9:05)

Made by Waterford Youth Arts it looks at a tragedy at a youth concert in Waterford.

As Luck Would Have it (1999)
Made by Adam Wallace (2:34)


Made by young members of the film section of Waterford Youth Arts and is a comedy about trying to find a girlfriend.

Clash (1998)
Made by Daire O'Neill (7:48)


The story revolves around a murder of a young protestant boy who played hurling on the local team. Made by young people in Waterford Youth Arts in South Kilkenny and Waterford.

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